Pest Control

Keep your crops, plants and flowers safe with our quality line of pest control products.

Miscellaneous Supplies

Mouse Rate Baits

Just One Bite®






Ready to use mouse and rat baits, easy to set up. Available in bars, pellets, chunks, and buckets. 


1 box – 20 worms

Talpirid is designed to kill moles within 24 hours. Talpirid closely mimics the mole’s natural food causing the moles to respond to the bait in the same way as earthworm. Ready to use. 

Deer Scram Animal Repellent

6 lb and 25 lb

Deer Scram is a cost effective repellent that keeps deer and rabbits away from your valuable plants for up to 45 days with a single application

HavaHeart Live Animal Traps

Extra small, small, medium, large, and extra large

Remove unwanted critters the most humane way.  All Havaheart traps are constructed of sturdy wire mesh that is galvanized for maximum resistance to rust and corrosion. 


10 lbs and 50 lbs

Mole and vole repellent granules and bulb protector. Also repels gophers, rabbits and skunks in lawns. 

1" Nylon Tree Tie

2,100 ft.

Soft, non-damaging woven material for securing trees. Will resist unravelling after it has been cut. The tree tie is 3/4″ wide and available in 250′ and 500′ lengths. 

Tip and Measure Pitchers

1/2 Gallon and 1 Galllon

Accu-Pour pitchers feature extra strong construction made from a food grade polypropylene that has high chemical resistance to a wide variety of chemicals. The raised graduations are in both US fl. oz and metric to help insure accurate measuring.