Ice Melt Products

Keep your property safe and free from dangerous patches of ice with our ice melt products.

Ice Melt Products

Granular Ice Melt

MTO Firestrom -25F

50 lbs

A five way blend specially formulated to aggressively control snow and ice in extreme climates. Designed to combat West Michigan’s toughest winter weather, this combination of sodium chloride calcium chloride, potassium chloride, magnesium chloride and calcium magnesium acetate provides maximum results on snow and ice. Melts fast down to temperature as low as – 25 degrees. Safety color with a high visibility non-staining green dye, reduces over spreading and minimizes environmental impact. 

Calcium Chloride

50 lbs

Available in flakes or pellets. Fastest acting ice melt available.

Rock Salt +15F

50 lbs

Most economical ice melter. Contains sodium chloride. Helps provide grit and traction. 

Bulk Rock Salt +15F

50 lbs

Available in 30 ton and 50 ton loads. Contact your salesman for availability and freight information.

Clean Melt

50 lbs

Friendlier on the Environment –  Biodegradable – Fast Acting – Composed of Natural Ingredients

Environmentally safe

Easy to use

Controls ice and snow

Green, water based color indicator eliminates over-application

Melts down to -10 degrees Fahrenheit

Meltco Lake Effect +5 degree F

50 lbs

An effective and economical solution for melting snow and ice on sidewalks and pathways. The screened, consistent granulation minimizes usage and optimizes effectiveness. Non-staining, biodegradable color indicator. 

Snow Shovels

Sturdy construction and economical pricing make these shovels great for the entire crew. 

Liquid Ice Melt


275 gallon totes 

Ignite is a stock pile treatment product designed to be sprayed on bulk slat with a pre-wetting system. Ignite provides benefits such as reducing the amount of slat needed by 40-60% to accomplish the same job, lowers the effective melting temperature of rock salt, and reduces the scatter and bounce associated with conventional salt application. Ignite provides a thin coating to pavement which allows for a clean removal of future snow. Up to 60% less deicer is required to clean pavement and is significantly faster than rock salt. 


275 gallon totes

Accelerate is designed to be a pre treat and post treat liquid de-icing application. The benefits of accelerate allows for a 50-60% reduction insult or de-icer, does not track into buildings and vehicles, reduces the dependency on salt, and is more economical because it’s made right her Michigan. Accelerate is crystal clear, but a non-staining dye is added to aid in application. 

Also Available

  • Snow Stakes – wood or plastic 
  • Snow Shovels (See page 29)

Why Choose Liquid?

  • Liquid application consumes less material 
  • liquid solution bonds better with pavement, while slat can be knocked from the surface 
  • No bond between snow and pavement reduces plowing time
  • A great snow control program uses the strengths of both liquid and granular ice control products