Drainage Products

We carry all the drainage products you need to keep your soil properly drained all year long.

Corrugated Drain Tile

About Haviland

Haviland Drainage products began manufacturing plastic tubing in 1978, prior to that they manufactured clay tile since 1903. As of today, Haviland carries a multitude of drainage products and focuses on providing a high standard quality product. Haviland caters to the agricultural, commercial and highway industries. 

Rainbird 6” Round Catch Basin w/1 outlet

A round catch basin is used to collect and discharge excess water in order to prevent potential damage to landscapes and property. This basin has either one or two universal outlets which can be used with 3” and 4” sewer & drain pipe (ASTM D2729), 3” and 4” corrugated pipe, and 3” and 4” triple wall pipe. This basin is designed to accept the 6” round flat, 6” round atrium, and 7” square universal grates, and includes a sump, which allows sediment to settle in the basin to minimize clogging of pipes.

Haviland Drain Tile

  • 4″x100′ Solid
  • 4″x100′ Perforated 
  • 4″x100′ Perforated w/Sock

Haviland’s heavy duty pipe and tubing has the strength, flexibility and endurance to fulfill most job requirements. Made of high-density polyethylene plastic, our tubing meets or exceeds ASTM f405 and ASTM f667 standards. 

Rainbird 6” Round Flat-Green Plastic grate

The 6” round flat drainage grate is manufactured from structurally foamed High-Density polyethylene (HDPE) and UV stabilized to protect from sun degradation. It has three stepped diameters to fit 6” sewer and drain (S&D) pipe and fittings, 6” triple wall pipe and 6” corrugated pipe that is textured with an anti-skid surface. Load rated for pedestrian traffic, autos and light trucks at speeds less than 20 mph. ADA compliant and made in the USA.

Drainage Fittings

4" Tee

4" Wye

4" Internal Connector

4" 90 degree Elbow

Tuff-Tite Square Basin

ADS 2”x2”x4” and 3”x4”x4” Down spout adapters

Rainbird Drainage pop-up valves 4" PVC elbow and adapter

Haviland Drainage strives to be an ecologically minded company. With that endeavor in mind Haviland is producing eco friendly products. Many of their products are available with recycled content. For specific certifications on LEED projects or recycled requirements, please let us know.