Lawn & Garden

 Your lawn and garden experts with knowledgeable staff to answer your questions.  We provide solutions to your lawn problems.  We highly recommend soil testing to better understand the soil composition and the lacking nutrients. 


MAX LAWN® fertilizers are designed for properties with water frontage.  Max Lawn fertilizers are phosphate-free which promote a
healthy lawn while remaining safe for ponds and lakes.  For more information on Max Lawn fertilizers click here.

  • Crabgrass Preventer (step 1)
  • Weed and Feed (step 2)
  • Lawn Food (step 3)
  • Winterizer (Step 4)
  • Starter Fertilizer 1 or 2 applications

Grass Seed

5lb, 20lb and 50lb sizes available

“The Science is in the Seed™” is the approach Earth Carpet™ takes to show you what the secret is to curb appeal.  Each tiny grass seed contains DNA with its own genetic code for certain traits like disease resistance, wear & drought tolerance, dark green color,
fine leaf texture, etc. EarthCarpet™ carefully selects and blends these seeds in combinations designed to give you the type of lawn you’re looking for.  Once you choose EarthCarpet™, you will sweat less and enjoy your lawn more.  Check out the following varieties 
of Earth Carpet™ grass seed:

Other varieties available through special order. For more information regarding Earth Carpet grass seed mixes, lawn care and seeding advice, click here

Lawn Chemicals and Herbicides

  • Eraser
  • Trimec Classic
  • Surge
  • Q4 
  • Weed Beater Ultra
  • SedgeEnder
  • Chickweed Clover and Oxalis Killer
  • Crossbow
  • Roundup Grass and Weed Killer
  • Grass Beater
  • Roundup QuickPro
  • Poison Oak and Ivy Killer
  • Pramitol 25E
  • X-Out

Other Lawn and Garden Products

You’ll find a selection of:

  • Weed Control Products (Selective and Broad-Spectrum herbicides)
  • Insect Control Products
  • Mosquito Control and Foggers
  • Disease Control
  • Insect Repellants
  • Plant Care Products
  • Home Pest Control Products and rental of live traps
  • Mole & Gopher Control Product
  • Bifen 7.9
  • Sevin Granules 20lb
  • Infuse Fungicide Granules 7.5lb
  • Fruit Tree Spray
  • Bonide Thuricide-B/T Spray
  • Repels-All Granules
  • Repels-All Liquid
  • Mole-Max Granules 10lb & 50lb